Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thoughts for the day...

Dear Hollywood Foreign Press,

Thank you for giving Glee the Golden Globe that it deserved for best comedy, the look on Tina Fey's face when 30 Rock lost was lovely. I must cry foul however, with choosing to award best supporting actress in a television show to Chole Sevigny instead of Jane Lynch. Jane Lynch is hilarious on Glee! Chole Sevigny is weird, and so is her character, so is she really actually acting? One must ponder that question....if we all got Golden Globes for being ourselves, I'd have 50 for being a nerdy bitch.

Dear Chole Sevigny,

I'm glad that guy stepped on your dress and ripped it when you were going up to get your award! Ha ha!

Dear James Cameron,

You suck. That is all.

Dear Bret Favre,

You're an indecisive bastard who is clearly obssessed with reliving your glory days. FUCKING RETIRE ALREADY!

Dear Mother Nature,

Enough with the rain. It frizzes my hair and pisses me off--you try flat ironing it everyday!

Dear Parent Who Yelled Something Mean at My Nephew's Soccer Game Yesterday,

If your kid's team ever plays my nephew's team again and you yell at my nephew, you will never have to worry about yelling or talking again because I will rip your tongue out.

I feel better now, my grievances have been aired. Now, if I could just win the lottery I'd be set!