Thursday, January 22, 2009

Comfort Food and Homicide

"If you ate more comfort food, maybe you wouldn't go around killing people"-Hurley on "Lost"

I am hungry. Super duper hungry. Know what I would eat right now if I could? Fries from Del Taco, Tequenos from Fresca, Super Nachos from Asadero and a burger from Red Robin. Want to know why I can't eat any of those things? Carbs are in my past. Bread is dead for me. Potatoes? No ma'am. I am a one woman protein eating machine. The catch? Protein=hunger, carbs=stuffed full. So, why can't I just ditch the protein and go with the carbs? Because I have finally gotten to the point where it's a health risk. So instead of chomping on some fries I am instead forced to munch on carrots. Joy. I backed myself in to a corner and now I must reap the fruit, veggie and protein strewn consequences.

This brings me back to last night's season premiere of "Lost" when Hurley informed Sayid that he may give up his life as a vengeance seeking hitman if he indulged in burgers and fries a little more often. The moment was not only hilarious, but perhaps just slightly true.

Those of you that know me, know that I am not always exactly a ray of sunshine, but take the carbs out of me and even the brief sparks of sunniness have turned to hunger induced grouchiness and irriation (more than usual anyhow). There have been certain instances where my hunger induced grouchiness was just a touch from turning in to hunger induced rage. I wanted to slap one of my department chairs silly at least twice this week--this can't be good for my career.

So, I ask you, dear readers did Hurley have a point? Will Sayid finally eat that cheeseburger and stop killing? Will I slap my department chair silly? Or, will my hunger induced momentary lapse of sanity pass, just like the last one, and will this all be a vague memory tomorrow?

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