Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Cult of Snuggie, Lee Min-ho, and Procreating Barbie

Okay, where do I start? Lets start with the first item in the subject line--The Cult of Snuggie. Look it up on youtube. Just type in "The Cult of Snuggie" into the search line and it will bring up a short, but hilarious video that cuts together an infomercial for a long blanket with sleeves, and makes it look like an advertisement for a cult. I was at a staff training on Tuesday and one of the people in my group had on a sweater that looked like a Snuggie--I wanted to burst in to laughter out loud, but I couldn't because, well, my mouth gets me in to enough trouble. It was even funnier because their sweater was the color of the teal/blue snuggie AND this person is kind of crazy so I could totally see them as a member of The Cult of Snuggie. My mind is a scary, but very entertaining, place.

Speaking of entertainment--"Boys Before Flowers" is my official new addiction. Lee Min-ho is my official new baby's daddy. Gu Jun Pyo is my fantasy boyfriend (besides the vampires). Last night as I searched the internet for previews of the next episode (which I never found, blech!) I became convinced that I could suddenly read Korean because I happened to click the correct button on a Korean website. I was confident I could now navigate the web in Korean AND I wouldn't have to wait for subtitles because obviously I had finally proven that learning by osmosis works--stare at the shit long enough and it soaks in to your brain. Armed with my newfound Korean language I clicked another button on the website and I was promptly taken to a site that looked to be Korean news. I figured this little hiccup was nothing and I clicked another button--and a very scary man started yelling about rice in Korean. I clicked the box shut and logged off, still convinced I knew Korean. The reason for the break in my search was that "Lost" was about to start and I may be addicted to BBF, but "Lost" is the original addiction and I can't miss one minute of the episode. There are two Korean characters on "Lost" and when they started speaking Korean last night I was pulled back to reality when I realized I had no freaking idea what Sun and Jin were saying and I had to read the subtitles. Stupid Korean language....I stand by my position on osmosis--it will happen eventually--don't be surprised if one day I just start speaking Korean. Lets hope that day comes soon so I can watch my BBF episodes quicker.

I posted a blog the other day where my best friend was insistent that Barbie and Ken had procreated and the result was Skipper. Since that discussion my best friend has texted and called me to let me know that there people that agree with her theory. Her sister, a co-worker, and an internet friend--and to you all I say this--SUCKERS!! I LOOKED IT UP!!! In 1964, Skipper was introduced AS BARBIE'S SISTER!!! She has remained as such since then. Also, Ken and Barbie are in fact married, however, there marriage has resulted in no children. So, Ken and Barbie, just have hot sex just for fun and not procreation! HA! Take that religious right wing conservative bastards! For those of you who question this the website address is --look it up, it's all there. And to my best friend's co-worker who agreed with me, make the hooker buy you lunch tomorrow at Los Gordos cause we were right!! And make lots of fun of her!!

On a final note, to all of you planning a romantic Valentine's Day I say this. Screw you. Thank you and goodnight.


  1. Screw us? Not very nice. Anyway, I heard from my best friend's coworker's aunt's incarcerated ex-boyfriend that actually, Skipper was Barbie's. She was just raised by Barbie's parents because Barbie had her when she was fourteen. Scandal, no?

  2. Whatever Marie...I am going to find you a web site where it shows that Barbie did in fact have kids. So ha!

  3. Srew everyone except my friends of course... ;)

  4. i'm can't help agonizing over which is better, either the Snuggie or the Slanket...