Monday, February 2, 2009

KFC, thou art most disturbing...

Okay, so I needed to wind down from all the craziness of the day and I decided to rot my brain some more by watching television. It was at some point during "For the Love of Ray J" that I became truly troubled. You would think that Brandy's younger brother being a man whore for 14 hoochies would be disturbing enough, but then a commerical for KFC came on.

A young woman dressed as a cook appeared on the screen talking about special herbs and spices and all of the hard work that goes in to the KFC!! Then she went on to state that she was a COOK at KFC...and that every KFC has one!! WHAT!!?!?!?!? The heart attack inducing grease peddlers have a cook on staff at every restaurant?? Seriously? Has society become so horribly unintelligent that either a) some dumb asses at KFC couldn't drop chicken into hot grease and they had to create a position where someone less stupid than them could do it or b) KFC really thinks that everyone watching that commerical is actually going to believe that you have a cook on staff at every restaurant so while you're filling arteries with grease we can convince ourselves it's an actual restaurant---all I have to say is EW! My yearly trip to KFC is can clog my arteries, but you cannot insult my intelligence, you grease peddling stupidity mongers!

I now interrupt this rant to begin watching "I Love Money 2". Lets hope it leaves enough brain cells for another one or two blog entries.