Monday, February 9, 2009

Ken, Barbie, Korean Drama, and Subtitles...

I am addicted to a Korean drama called "Boys Before Flowers". It is currently airing in Korea and so I must consistently check my designated websites to see if the current episodes have been posted AND subtitled. This evening in the midst of my frantic search to find parts 5 and 6 of the epi that aired last night in Korea--and staring at a screen full of Korean, convinced that I would magically learn the language by staring at it--I was interrupted by a call from my best friend, the Queen. I informed her of my latest addiction and proceeded to tell her that I was in desperate need to learn Korean so I didn't have to search for subtitled episodes, but also that I had been humming Korean pop songs to myself all weekend, singing only the words to the lines that were in English. Imagine me walking through my house with my dog singing "Together make it love, forever making you smile, lalalalalalalalala...." Yeah, I know--scary. Anyhow, back to the phone call...somehow over the course of the conversation about my shiny and new Korean drama addiction the subject of Ken and Barbie came up. As in the plastic dolls, the Queen, her sister and I obssessively played with throughout our young lives.

I explained to my bestie that Barbie was a plastic doll with no anatomy and that Ken was much the same, save for a small bulge in his plastic underwear that let you know that what was under his plastic undies was not the same as what was under Barbie's. My friend then brought up the subject of Skipper--I always thought that Skipper was Barbie's little sister or friend or something--the Queen had other ideas. She insisted that Skipper existed because Barbie and Ken had, in fact had sexual relations and produced Skipper. It happened on their wedding night and nine months later Skipper arrived. I didn't agree with her logic and so I asked her which Barbie and Ken model had produced Skipper. Again, her answer was ready--clearly it must have been the original Barbie and Ken that had relations and produced the teenager Skipper. I called her a dork and she retaliated by calling me a dork as well. I asked her why I was a dork like her and she stated it was because I didn't believe her (at least she did not blame my newfound penchant for Korean dramas). My bestie went even further and stated that Ken and Barbie were based on real people that had gotten married, had relations, and produced a child named Skipper. She insisted it was on the Matel website. I still disagree with her.

In short my best friend and I are complete goofballs, but I think we both needed the laugh. Ah well, I'm off to learn Korean...wish me luck. Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. And on the off chance that Lee Min-ho or Kim Bum are reading this--I love you both and I want to have your Korean American babies.

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  1. At the Milpitas Borders, which I used to work at, they have Korean Drama Night once a month and they show most, if not all, of an entire Korean drama. Or at least, I think it's all. I'm not sure how long they are. Anyway, there's this one lady who comes every single month. She loves them. She's not Korean, but she never misses one and she always buys them after. I don't think any other Borders but Milpitas. Anyway, my point was, Boys Before Flowers was one of the ones we showed. :)